What Makes You Smile? (Seven Simple Techniques To Brighten A Day)

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It is not a secret that a smile is contagious and makes your body and presence look good. Knowing what makes you smile can help improve your day and make others’ day. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the easiest way to brighten your day, and touch others’ lives with your smile. In case you want to improve your smile, find more at this link.


Health Benefits of Smiling

Even if you call it a smirk, beam, grin, or smile, there is no denying the good vibes of this cheerful look. People are born with the capability to smile. However, as you grow older, you smile less often.The woman knows what makes you smile.

Smiling offers a mood boost and helps the body to discharge cortisol and endorphins that give various health advantages, including:

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased endurance
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Strengthened immune system

Moreover, studies show that individuals who smile appear more likable, polite, and competent. Plus, they tend to be more productive and earn more money.


What Makes You Smile?

Knowing what makes you smile is the best way to make other people smile. A smile can help the change of perspective and improve self-esteem. In addition to this, you can easily reap the health benefits of smiling. Here are the simple ways that you can practice to brighten your day.


Crack a Dad Joke or Crappy Pun

Even though not every person is super witty or cunning or quick on their feet enough to do this, a simple joke or clever commentary will do. Humor is one of the swiftest and most effortless approaches to spread good vibes and to make people smile, and even you, right?

Some individuals may discover you cheesy or corny, yet deep down inside their chuckling as well. Also, your simple demonstration of boldness and your willingness to be sufficiently weak to make a joke will win the reward of a smile, causing others to feel good.


Give A Genuine Compliment

Sometimes giving a compliment can be creepy or often mistaken, mainly if it is not sincere. If you genuinely like how a young lady’s hair looks or a man’s smile appears, they can tell quickly by how you say it. If you really mean it, this simple compliment, which required perhaps 15 seconds to say, can make somebody’s whole week. Furthermore, genuinely complimenting someone can help improve other’s self-esteem and change of perspective in life.



Most people smile when they see the food they love. How about if you give it to them freely? Even you, getting yourself a treat of your favorite food will surely put a curve on your lips and improve good vibes.

In case you make homemade cookies or any other foods. Even if they get burned, your method is still incredible that you did, and the beneficiary will see the value in it.


Listen Completely

There is plenty of distractions around us, and some for a better cause. Life is insanely wonderful! There are endless things to see, do, and experience. Nevertheless, one of the most incredible, most touching things you could accomplish for someone is to be completely attentive when speaking. Listening to them when they are troubled can change of perspective and make them feel good afterward. They will surely sympathetically give back the favor when you want to talk, and they will never forget how much you care.


Give Thanks

It is regularly said that successful individuals start their day by offering gratitude for a particular thing or a few things they have. Even when you are attempting to make a better life or striving for more, it is at all times good to pause and appreciate the beauty that presents around you.The woman is happy eating her favorite slice of cake.

Furthermore, this is true for others. Saying “thank you” can spread good vibes in your surroundings and make people smile. It is pretty simple to appreciate moments of kindness if you keep your eyes out for them.


Be Available Even If You Do Not Want to Be

Telling someone that you would prefer not to be there for them is awfully disrespectful and very hurtful.

Willing to drop the things you want to do to be there can make a person happy. There will come when you are approached to be there for somebody when you have other stuff. Being there can help light up their world.


Smile At Everyone You See 

A smile is like a reflection on the mirror. Once you smile at every people you see, they will surely smile back at you. Also, looking at the mirror while seeing yourself smiling can improve your day. This simple healthy action is also a great tool to enhance self-esteem and life’s perspective.

Smile is a contagious action that can make people smile and change things. If you want to change something, start with a smile. A healthy, confident smile will prompt more smiles for you and everyone around you.



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