What Is Self Improvement And How Does It Affect Your Life?

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What is self-improvement?

Literally speaking, it is the improvement of yourself in terms of knowledge, status, character, habits or physical appearance. You are making changes using your own efforts to make yourself a better you.

In this case, self-help is necessary. If you are not working hard to achieve a certain goal to make yourself improve, then we cannot do something about it. However, if you got that urge to achieve self-improvement, then this is a good start for you.

It is a critical part of your life’s progress and happiness. You need to invest efforts, strategies, resources, emotions, and many more to succeed.


Starting to improve

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Self-improvement usually starts by asking about what is it in you that you should improve. Do you have the ability to change it and transform into something else? Improvement can take place externally and internally. In this case, let us discuss them both.

If you decide to improve the external factors of your life, then you are going to improve the things around you without changing your personality. For example, your status at work or society, the things you own, money, your relationships, your physical fitness or credentials. These are the external factors that you could gain or lost just by being placed in a scenario that exactly fits those factors.

On the other hand, internal improvement is what makes your self-improvement. It refers to the factors within yourself, such as habits, beliefs, skills acquired, abilities, ideas, and behaviours. These are the factors that you cannot change unless you apply improvements.

External and internal improvements definitely affect each other in some cases. For example, if you plan to improve your physical fitness, it can heighten your confidence too. However, there are instances wherein these two clashes when it comes to influencing each other.


How to start your self-improvement

Self-help is a great factor for your improvement. Improvement will always start with you. You can make changes the moment you decided to have one. Here are some tips to make a life-changing improvement.

  1. Start reading a book every day. It will eventually give you an expanded source of wisdom.
  2. Expose yourself into a new hobby. It will help you gain new friends as well. Try doing something new. You might not know how good you are at it until you’ve tried it.
  3. Try levelling up your skills. You can enrol yourself into classes or training that will help you improve your skills.
  4. Start waking up early. Putting your mindset on it, you can surely work it out. In fact, it can help you be more productive. You can even try doing exercises early in the morning. Similarly, you have to maintain a daily routine of exercise to keep it going.
  5. You have to get out of your comfort zone. Explore your skills and abilities. Exceed your limitations. You have to discover what is outside your box.
  6. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Improve and turn out your weaknesses into your new strengths.
  7. Do not be afraid of criticism. Accept them all and start changing what is necessary.
  8. Build empowerment by surrounding yourself with good people and learn from them as well. It would be best if you avoid or completely disregard negative people.
  9. Start quitting your bad habits. You are the exact person who will know about your bad habits. Let go of the extra baggage.
  10. Learn to meditate. Relaxing your mind will help you welcome fresh thoughts and release all the toxicity.

The abovementioned tips are only a few of the several options you can do to achieve self-improvement. In fact, there are more sources that you can apply to help yourself improve. Staying healthy with the proper diet will help.


Commitment to self-improvement

Generally speaking, self-improvement requires commitment. It is not enough that you started it. It is a continuous process. You can still improve even the smallest detail in your life. Otherwise, you will be stagnant to where you are right now.

Your personal growth requires self-help. No one will do it for you. Only you can work out the changes in your life. Not even your family nor your friends and peers. Only you have to step up to achieve self-improvement.

If you feel lost along the way, you can always seek advice to the people that you can trust. By all means, they can serve as your support system towards your goals.

To put it another way, you can always put up a challenge to yourself or maintain a healthy challenge with other people whom you look up to. For this reason, you would be able to give it your best shot in achieving the improvement that you want. Stay focused on achieving a healthy body for a healthy mind.


Success is on its way!

always start with your selfThe process of improvement is hard and will take longer thane expected, but you have to keep yourself inspired. Furthermore, you have to keep pushing through the obstacles to reach your goals and obtain success.

The definition of success is one’s development and not being stagnant. It helps you grow fully as a human and will keep you aiming for improvement at the same time. In summary, we can say that improvement is important and can affect our lives ultimately.



“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -George Bernard Shaw

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