Why is a well-developed self-concept beneficial?

why is a well-developed self-concept beneficial

What is self-concept?

It can be defined as the collection of one’s beliefs about oneself. You should note that this term is different from self-knowledge and self-esteem. Together with social self, the three concepts mentioned above make up one’s self-perception. Self-concept is a process in our thoughts, all the self-assessments of such features like personality, skills, occupation or physical characteristics.

Why is a well-developed self-concept beneficial and how can it do us any good? 

Firstly, it makes us stronger and more open-minded. When we step out of our comfort zone and accept challenges, we might encounter the inevitable obstacles or problems. Yet the power of courage then will motivate us to make ultimate use of our physiology. For example, when you are supposed to make an important presentation in front of a large audience, the healthy self-concept will evoke confidence and courage in you to rise to the occasion.

Secondly, a good self-concept assists us in managing our emotional well-being. The optimistic thoughts surely bring about positive feelings. The mental health balance, in turn, will improve our physical well-being. All the anxiety, stress or depression will be replaced by better performance or productivity at work, cheerful disposition and even longevity.

Thirdly, our attitudes and interactions shall get changed, too. A positive belief of oneself each day will affect what we’re concerned about, our opinions about people and circumstances, therefore impacting our actions. This shall give us the ability to accept positive reinforcement, we can even light up someone else’s day as well.

why is a well-developed self-concept beneficialLast but not least, a healthy self-concept encourages us to review ourselves each day and stay away from negative thoughts. A great mind discusses ideas, not people or circumstances, so do take a firm stance with your view.

To sum up, your self-concept determines what you do or not do at any time, so be sure to take good care of it.

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