Staying healthy with nutrition

staying healthy with nutrition

Staying healthy is everybody’s dream. But good nutrition is the key to this. Eating foods with a balanced diet is the first step to take to give your body good nutrients. Staying healthy with nutrition will require you to make some small changes to your diet. However, it should not be overly complicated. The following are the fundamentals of healthy living.

a) Vitamins

Vitamins are the most essential nutrients required in our bodies. They are known to lower various health risks such as stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. In addition, vitamins are good for the skin and may also be used to lose weight.

b) Proteins

Our bodies require energy to keep us going while still supporting cognitive functions and the mood. However, much protein in the body is not healthy as it has been linked with various diseases. Researchers recommend high-quality proteins nutrients which can be found in plant-based products and non-preserved/processed products.

c) Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates products are the main source of energy in our body. However, its good to look for complex unrefined carbs rather than refined carbs and sugar. Refined carbs have been linked with weight gain which is not healthy. You will enjoy several benefits from taking complex carbs.

d) Calcium staying healthy with nutrition

For a healthy body, we will need calcium for strong bones and teeth’s, help in blood clot among others. Calcium deficiency can lead to mood problems, depression, and anxiety among others. Calcium nutrients should not be overlooked in our body. This is because vital body organs such as heart and cells use calcium in one way or the other.

e) Fats

People fear fats but not all fats bad. Fats like omega 3s are very good to both the emotional and physical health. Good fats in the body will protect the heart and brain and also get several benefits. When taking fats, consume only polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat products as they are said to be the good fats. Avoid Trans fat foods.

In conclusion

It’s good to eat foods with healthy nutrients, however, you don’t have to switch at once and eliminate good foods that you enjoy. Start by making some few changes to your diet until you reach your goal. Avoid processed or packaged foods as they may come with health risks

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