Poor Hygiene Diseases

poor hygiene diseases

A disease is any disturbance in normal physiology of body due to internal or external environment. Nowadays, the poor hygiene is the most significant cause of diseases and even death in under developed countries. This page will dicuss some of the common poor hygiene diseases so keep on reading.

The most common poor hygiene diseases include food poisoining, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, skin infections, trachoma, pneumonia, malaria and many more resulting from bacterial infections. Among the viral invasive diseases due to poor hygiene include cold, flu, hepatitis A, gastroenteritis etc. Apart from bacteria and viruses, other parasites also cause certain common diseases including scabies infection , hookworm and thread worm infection and pediculosis. Some of these above mentioned diseases are even fatal forexample malaria was a serial killer in previous century caused by malaria but its fatality is undercontrol now after the discovery of antibacterial drugs. poor hygiene diseases

Poor hygiene is the main source for the development of these diseases. Hygiene is further classified in to domestic and personal categories. Poor domestic hygiene includes unclean environment. Unclean washrooms, use of unclean clothes and standing water in and outside house. Malaria is spread by mosquitoes that usually breed in standing water.

Personal hygiene refers to a persons habits i.e eating unhealthy food, drinking unclean water, use of unsterilized utensils etc. All these unhygienics allow the microorganisms to breed within the unhygienic environment and produces multiple copies of themselves. These copies inturn invade human body and interfare with body functions resulting in a diseases. As every disease is dangerous it must be treated to bring the functions back to normal and as we know the best treatment is to take early precautions towards the conditions that cause disease.

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