Wishing for that perfect smile? Braces might be the answer for you!

perfect teeth braces

If you are looking to get that perfect smile, braces would be the answer. Braces can treat several problems to make sure that your teeth are properly aligned. You can boost your confidence with the help of orthodontic braces.

What are braces?

Orthodontic braces can fix a number of oral problems. They can be used to straighten teeth, correct underbites and overbites, fix problems with the jaw and fix a malocclusion or overcrowding of teeth in the mouth. It is not guaranteed that the patient will have a perfect smile, but then it is a guarantee that the smile will be drastically improved.

Types of braces

There would be different types of braces that would fit different needs. Your dentist will recommend which type of braces would be fit for your case. 

Metal braces. These are the traditional braces that would be made out of metal. Brackets are attached to teeth, and a wire will be used to straighten teeth and position them in their correct places on the jawbone.

Lingual braces. These would work in the same way as the traditional metal braces, but then they would take a little bit longer to make as each bracket needs to be custom-made. These braces would also be known as “inside braces” because the brackets would be attached to the back of the teeth.perfect teeth braces

Invisalign. These are clear trays that can be put on teeth and would also work to correct any misalignment of the teeth. Small, clear brackets would be attached to teeth to help move them into place. This option would be marginally more expensive than traditional braces. Patients who do not want to have obvious braces would opt for Invisalign treatment.

Ceramic braces. Similar to Invisalign, many people would prefer ceramic braces to the traditional metal braces because they would be virtually invisible. The brackets and wire used would be made to look like the teeth they would be attached to, so one would not be able to know that the braces would be there.

Which type of braces would be right for you?

Your dentist will be able to advise you on which type of braces would be the best treatment option for your case. However, you can help them make the decision based on in you would like to have less conspicuous braces and the budget that you have for the treatment.

Once the braces would already be attached, your dentist will advise you on the best hygiene practices that you need to follow for the care of your teeth while the braces will be in place. You might need tog et a special kind of toothbrush and floss that would make it easier for you to remove plaque. Taking care of teeth while braces are on might be a little more tedious than normal, but it always helps to maintain good oral health. As long as you follow your dentist’s instruction, you will be able to achieve that beautiful smile that you have been aspiring for after your braces come off.

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