How to achieve perfect shape of the nose with nose reconstruction surgery

nose reconstruction surgery

The nose being at the center of the face, its appearance has a lot to speak hence the need for nose reconstruction surgery in case of any injury or deformation. Nasal injury and deformation shouldn’t cause self-esteem matters since the reconstruction process can be used to restore a perfect look. Deformation of the nose structure can be as a result of injury, trauma, cancer, and wrong or missing anatomy of the nose. If you are interested to know about the nose reconstruction procedure, click on this link

There isn’t a perfect candidate for nasal reconstruction as any case or look that deviates from the normal nasal appearance requires attention from an expert. Some of the reconstruction processes may be related to others problem or cancer hence the need to handle the primary cause of the damage first.

Depending on the nature of deformation, the reconstruction process can be done on an outpatient basis and patients allowed to continue with normal daily activities. The process can be handled using local anesthesia for minor reconstruction or general anesthesia for major cases.

nose reconstruction surgeryThe nose reconstruction surgery process must be handled by a qualified doctor since any unusual move may worsen the situation. The major steps to achieve the original normal shape in most of the reported cases in the past included:

  • The lifting of the nasal skin.
  • Rearrange the nasal bone.
  • Realign the cartilage.
  • Balance the nose.

Once the shape has been achieved, the skin is perfectly redraped over the nose and the stitching process done to make sure the skin covers the nose. There is a nasal splint set on the outer part of the nose to help achieve on the intended shape of the nose and to realign on the best final shape after healing.

In cases that involve major surgery and may limit breathing for some time, patients can utilize oral breathing as the nose reconstruction is done. Oral medication can be used to reduce the pain and discomfort during the nose heals process. Some of the expected results after a successful surgery are improved appearance, correct congenital and perfect breathing process.

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