New Dental Treatments That Can Make Me Smile Again (Teeth Restoration)

New Dental Treatments That Can Make Me Smile Again (Teeth Restoration)

Dental treatments have been going past the usual orthodontic, periodontal, and prosthetic appliances for enhancements of the teeth. With even more professional medical and dental health care researchers, the promise of better quality dentistry is about to unfold. Having your teeth fixed has many options to choose from nowadays. A dentist may say that with dental onlays you can fix your smile and have your teeth shine again. You may even find new restoration treatments very soon. You may ask, “what are the other teeth restorations process to make me smile again?” Stay tuned in this article to check these dental technologies. You might be surprised that some dental clinics are practicing this treatment already.  

Rise Of Innovation On Teeth Restoration

People have been longing for less-invasive teeth restoration treatments since most require surgeries. However, the rise of better technology for dentistry paved the way for patients to experience less pain for their desires. Are you aware of the new dental treatments that you can tell yourself, “this makes me smile again”? No? Then we’re glad to give you good news on the future of teeth restoration. 

Stem Cells 

Have you heard of the technology of scientists using stem cells for growth and restoration of tissues? Dental technology is also hoping to use stem cells to promote tissue growth after a patient’s root canal. Since amalgams or other dental fillings may have possible issues that cause infection, more researchers are looking for better ways to fill a tooth hole. Using a stimulant to regenerate dentin can be quite risky as of this time as it is only tested on laboratory rats. More researchers are still hopeful that stem cells may one day help teeth to grow naturally. 

New Ingredients For Enamel Growth

Enamel dissolving is another concern for people that experience discoloration due to the food or drinks they intake. Just last year, a group of Chinese researchers were able to create a gel that makes tooth enamel repair itself. With a combination of ingredients such as calcium and phosphate, the gel can help recreate enamel again. However, tests are still looking for safer ways for this gel to work. Chemicals are even harmful to the teeth and need more time for analysis.  

3D Teeth Restoration

If you’re one of those people who wants an answer on treatments to make me smile again, then you can find this technology already on dental clinics. Digital dentistry speeds up the production of dental prosthetics that lessens irritation of the gums and teeth. Thanks to the materials that are biocompatible to the person’s body, it promotes a better fit to a person’s gums and teeth. Many prosthetics such as dental implants, dentures, crowns, and bridges are now getting a revamp using digital dentistry. Tell yourself, make me smile again with this dental technology within your reach. 

Lasers For Teeth CareDental Innovaction To Make Me Smile Again

Less-invasive dental care? No problem! Lasers are now the latest trend when it comes to teeth whitening. LED or Light-emitting diode for dentistry was never an idea for many researchers back then. How can laser or light waves help teeth? LED helps speed up teeth whitening after an ingredient was applied to a person’s teeth. The lights may vary from blue, green, or red. Nonetheless, teeth whitening is not permanent and may still take time. Hence, you should continue your regular dental hygiene. 

How You Can Prevent Tooth Loss

Teeth restoration costs are expensive and can stress you out even more. So if you’re hoping to avoid all those costs, probably it’s better to follow what your dentists suggest. Tooth pain can lessen if you brush your teeth at least two times a day. Scrape off that debris in between your gums and teeth using a floss. Lastly, mouthwash can eliminate the remaining germs and bacteria on your mouth. If you already see signs of recurring bleeding or swelling, go to your emergency dentist right away.  

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