Improve Patient Care By Increasing Self-Awareness

Improve Patient Care By Increasing Self-Awareness

The relationship between healthcare professionals and the patients is a factor that is being highlighted with greater importance with each passing day. Knowledge and skill are not the only aspects that can lead to professional growth and proper communication and caring for the patients are of equal importance. In fact, some residency programs in the US have already started taking note of personality traits for evaluating and selecting the residents. Set your appointment with Us! We make sure all your concerns are taking cared of.

Patient Care
Self- awareness is about looking into one’s self without any judgments and take note of the various strengths and weaknesses of one’s character. It is not an easy process and can be time-consuming for many people. In the rush through the daily life, people tend to be unaware of the various reactions that they have in response to the influences of the outside world. A proper introspection on our actions can help us in understanding our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and our behavior with the people around us. This continuous process can help in managing our personal and professional lives more effectively.


Nurses are one such group of healthcare professionals who spend maximum time with the patients and with proper self-awareness, this relationship can have improved therapeutic values. Being aware of the patterns in one’s behavior can help a nurse in developing a more effective communication with a patient, resulting in improved patient care in a holistic manner. The unresolved personal stresses and hidden emotions can lead to a less effective nurse-patient relationship, which is unfavorable for patient care.


Since patients come from various sociological backgrounds, environments and value systems, understanding and acknowledging these differences play an important part in caring for them. The right words, attitude and even body language can have a very positive impact on a patient and hence it’s extremely necessary to improve patient care by increasing self-awareness. Reflecting on one’s personal feelings and emotions while taking good care of oneself is one of the first steps in becoming self-aware.

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