How to Keep Breasts Perky

How to Keep Breasts Perky

Breasts are a sign of feminity which completes the physique of female body. Unfortunately, in most females they start sagging after the age of 30 to 35 years which is no less than a nightmare for females. However, there are certain things that plastic surgeons recommend like breast implants to enhance the breasts’ features or simple at home tips on how to keep breasts perky. To know about breast implants, you can visit for more information.

Breasts are composed of fat, alveoli, ducts, lobules and certain glands which are supported by certain ligaments, connective tissues and skin. The main cause for sagginess of breasts is the loss of integrity of these supporting structures of breasts i.e ligaments and connective tissue. The factors responsible are genetic traits, loss of elasticity, weight changes, body mass index, smoking, alcohol consumption, number of pregnancies and size of breast itself. Some of these responsible factors are under concious control of a person so the surgeons advise the following tips on how to keep breasts perky.

1. Prevention of weight changes that is neither to gain too much weight nor to loss much weight that reduces the fat content of breasts.

2. Maintaining a straight and erect posture of body also helps in keeping breasts perky and prevent them from drooping.

3. As skin supports breasts to a great extent, it must be protect from damaging rays of sun that cause skin to lose its collagen and elastin and skin support to breasts is minimized. Use of sun block is advised. Also using light colours of brassiere is helpful so that it does’nt absorb radiation.

4. Avoidance of chemicals and creams is advised. Some chemicals in lotions and creams denature the collagen of skin and connective tissue.

5. Regular exercise is also helpful in keeping the strenght of the breasts. Several breast exercises are there which are good for the liveliness of breasts.

6. Hydrotherapy that is exposing breasts to different water tempratures increses the blood supply of breasts and thus keeps them healthy.

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