Facts On How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month Or Less!

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Small waistline, toned muscles, perfect abs! Woah! Fitness goals. But kidding aside, how much muscle can you gain in a month? Building muscles in a month? Is it even possible? Try to visit bestfatburner.com.au because they might have the capacity to answer your queries.


Building muscles

working out the back musclesExperts have been studying aspects of muscle toning, development, strengthening and many more.  Obviously, building muscles is impossible to happen the moment sleep overnight. It will definitely need consistent efforts and total commitment to achieve good and faster results.

The amount of muscle a person gains in a month differs for both men and women. However, gender is not the only reason why the amount varies, but also how an individual does activities to gain muscles.

The following factors affect the muscle gain of an individual. These factors cause variations of muscle gains.

  • The intensity of training an individual can affect the length of time to gain a muscle.
  • An individual’s average frequency of undergoing training in building muscles. Click here to see the proper equipment for that.
  • Maintenance of proper diet is also a factor. Consuming the right amount of protein, carbs, fruits and vegetables, as well as fats will affect the pounds of muscle you can gain.
  • Having enough rest can also contribute to quicker muscle gains. Lack of sleep can slow down muscle gain in a month.
  • Stimulation of body hormones that play vital roles to build muscles.
  • Your genetics can also affect the muscle gained in a month.
  • An individual’s motivation is also a factor. Without motivation, your pounds of muscles will not be achieved in a month or less.

Several programs are available if you wanted to gain muscles in just a month. However, it would be best if you discussed it with a professional trainer. Your body condition might not fit well to the exercises associated with these programs.


Tips on how to gain additional muscle

In coordination with your trainer, you may consider doing these activities to help you gain additional pounds of muscles in a month.

  1. Focus on heavy, total-body lifts as weight training: To gain additional muscles, you can consider doing heavy and compound lifts. This includes back squats, deadlifts, bench presses, military presses, rows and pullups. These exercises increase the strength of your overall body. Furthermore, it increases the production level of testosterone, a hormone active in building muscles.
  2. Increase your number of sets, not the reps: Plan your workout very well. Choose a variety of exercise that you can include in your workout program then set the number of sets you will do. This may also mean increasing the number of days that you will do these sets.
  3. Increase your strength: It will help gain muscle if you gradually increase the intensity of your workout routines. For example, you will gradually increase the weights you lift every training. Do this by getting a new set of weights at https://www.buydumbells.com.au/. You also need to eat the right amount of food during the month.
  4. Muscle gain requires 500 calories above maintenance: You have to keep close monitoring of your calorie intake as well as the calories you burn or the resting metabolic rate. CalculationEating five to six times per day is what you need to do to get the calorie counts you need.
  5. protein-riched foodsIncrease protein intake: Your protein intake must at least reach 1.5 times of your body weight. The right amount of protein daily is the best building block of an individual’s muscle. You need at least to eat two servings of protein-riched foods per meal.
  6. Eat a good amount of carbs and veggies per meal: Eating food with a good amount of carbs will help you gain the fuel you need for your gym workout. Processed carbs will make you fat. It must be remembered that vitamins and minerals will also contribute to your muscle growth. These will come from the vegetables you eat.
  7. Slow, aerobic cardio once a week is recommended: Aerobic plays a great part to make rapid movements. It would help if you at least have an average of 9% cardio workouts in your program.
  8. Ensure sleeping at least eight hours per day: Growth hormones production often happens more at night while asleep. While asleep, it is the best time to reach optimal growth hormone production as well as muscle repairs.


Bottom line!

Generally speaking, if people only want fast results without exerting efforts, gaining a pound or pounds of muscles in a month will never happen. It’s beyond realistic!

In the final analysis, it is possible to gain muscles in a month. Planning your muscle gain will also help you make it achievable. Every pound of muscle gained means the realistic results of your training.

A muscle can be gained in weeks, months or a year. The results you will expect depends solely on you. Build your muscles now! It’s just a matter of discipline, commitment, and consistent work to achieve it.

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