Dry Needling vs Acupuncture

dry needling vs acupuncture

There are many different wellness practices that people use to relax and keep good health and dry needling and acupuncture are definitely one of the more popular ones. You can do the same thing by trying out some acupuncture services in Chatswood. Even though they are so popular many people don’t know what exactly is the difference between dry needling vs acupuncture. Here is a brief overview of them and their differences.

Dry Needling vs Acupuncture

Dry Needling

This practice is a lot younger then Acupuncture. Acupuncture is believed to be hundreds of years old while dry needling has only a few decades of history. It’s used to treat body pains by inserting needles in specific areas of the patient’s body where he or she is experiencing pain. This will cause muscles to relax in the targeted area and this is why it is very popular among athletes. This type of therapy also has no ties with the Chinese philosophy and only focuses on the practical uses.

Acupuncture dry needling vs acupuncture

This traditional Chinese treatment is very popular all over the world. It focuses on the treatment of physical, spiritual and mental ailments alike. The practitioners of acupuncture claim that it can be used for treating everything from different addictions to pain relief. They do this by targeting “qi” energy flows, which when properly treated can make a lot of positive changes to almost all aspects of health. These special targets are called acupuncture point. The practitioner will target them with small sterile needles and affect the patient’s qi in this way.

Although these two treatments might have a similar way of treating the patient the philosophy that they are based on is very different. Dry needling is based on western style while acupuncture focuses on ancient Chinese philosophy. Most experts will say that they prefer acupuncture over dry needling but everyone can agree on the most important thing is to choose a licensed practitioner who has a lot of experience in the field.

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