Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

does running burn belly fat

If you’re looking to find out does running burn belly fat, the answer is yes, it does. There are multiple workouts that can burn belly fat, but almost none as efficient as running. Running is one of the quickest forms of cardio to take off calories and in turn burn belly fat. But what type of running is best to burn and melt fat cells?

For burning body fat in general, it is best that you jog, which will focus more on your entire body, trimming down; the fat in your legs, arms, stomach, chest, and buttocks area. Now, for burning the fat specifically in your belly area, the best type of running you should try out is sprinting. Having running sessions, where you do sprints for 10 – 15 minutes, versus jogging for hours, will cause you to burn fat in your belly more efficiently from the intensity of the workout, while also helping to build muscles in your stomach area.

does running burn belly fatThe reason for this is that, when you do too much cardio, your body will adjust to this workout, and adapt to it, which will cause you to burn fewer calories, and lose less weight, and in turn will cause you to become hungrier, leading to you wanting to eat more, which will eliminate the fat you lost during your workout, and in turn, making your belly fat increase. By doing shorter running sessions, such as sprinting, your body will not be able to adjust how it does for prolonged periods of running, which will allow you to turn to burn more fat in your belly area.

Lowering the carbs in your diet, then going with running sprints, in your cardio sessions, will greatly increase the rate at which you burn belly fat. Adding crunches (such as crunch kicks, and side crunches) can greatly assist your sprint running, by giving you a stronger, tighter core, which will allow you to have more of a burst in your sprints, which will cause you to burn your belly fat at a faster rate.


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