Causes of Physical Disability

causes of physical disability

As we all know, physical disability is a physical condition that limits the physical functioning of a person and impacts major activities during the livelihood of the person. Some physical disabilities can be so debilitating that an adult cannot perform basic tasks independently. To provide us with more insight, this chiropractor in Penshurst explains some of the causes of physical disability.

Accordingly, one cause of physical disability is birth defects. These are congenital causes of disability which means that the child is born with the disability. An example is a condition known as spina bifida that may render an infant unable to walk.

Road accidents and traumatic experiences are another major cause of disability. They can cause brain damage, injure the spinal cord, fracture bones or even severe limbs. It is estimated that twenty to fifty million people are disabled or injured in road accidents yearly around the world.

Pathogens are another cause of disability. Pathogens are defined as microorganisms that cause disease. For example, if a child is not vaccinated against polio and contacts the polio virus, he or she may suffer paralysis due to the effects of poliomyelitis. Another example is the infection with a bacterium known as Chlamydia trachomatis which can lead to irreversible blindness if not treated in the early stages by the use of antibiotics.

Physical disabilities may also be caused by diseases, disorders and normal pathological conditions that affect people of all walks of life. For example, stroke victims may suffer from hemiplegia. Diabetes may also cause progressive blindness.

Some medications and exposure to certain chemicals may also be a cause of disability. Some of these may trigger allergic reactions in the body with unexpected results. For example, some aminoglycoside antibiotics have been shown to cause deafness.

Some of the causes of disabilities highlighted above are preventable. For example, vaccination and practicing road safety may help prevent the occurrence of physical disability.

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