Do Breast Enlargement Supplements Work? A Guide to Safety

breast enlargement supplements

Breast enlargement supplements are the natural attempts to increase women breast size, tagged risk-free. Well if you’re looking for a clinic that can hep you increase your bra size in Sydney, they offer this unique service. The popularity of these products stems from their big promotions towards women. Besides, there is the traditional folklore backing up the herbs for breast enlargement. Either way, there is no scientific proof to back the efficiency of breast enlargement products. The famous success stories across the media are fake to trap innocent people in the fraud.

What They Contain breast enlargement supplements

Breast enlargement supplements contain a classification of elements called phytoestrogens, which  can mimic human estrogen. Their ingredients are likely to have herbs such as Fenugeek, dong quai, blessed thistle, saw palmetto, domain, fennel and wild yam extracts, among others depending on where they are sourced.

Potential Dangers

The United States Food and Drug Administration discourages embracing breast enlargement supplements terming them dangerous. The institute points out the dangers of ingredients such as Saw palmetto that adversely interact with blood thinning medications. Besides, it possesses estrogen-like effects, which may cause ineffective birth control pills. The same case applies to the Wild Yarm ingredient that interacts with hormone replacement therapies and birth control pills.

Be Aware

Taking breast enlargement supplement is the same as taking phytoestrogens that may increase the risk for breast cancer. Essentially, if one is accustomed to taking these products long enough, the ingredients, the nutrients and the herbs toxifies the body due to high doses with can cause deteriorated health conditions and even death.

Sum Up

Using natural remedies to have breast size enhanced could have vast dangers to women. The products haven’t been satisfied and hence are unsafe for consumption, especially for women with other medical conditions, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. For that reason, if you are contemplating taking any breast enlargement supplements, discuss the risks with your primary health care personnel first.

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