When your bottom teeth cause crossbite problems

girl with crooked bottom teeth

Crossbite is a dental condition of misaligned teeth. This implies one’s teeth are rotated in the wrong direction. This is also against the original position of the teeth.


Crossbite is very common in kids due to thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habits. Also, the condition may be as a result of hereditary factors. In order to correct this condition, there are a number of methods and procedures available, the team of Dental Spot clinic, specialized in dentistry, has provided some information below.

Crossbites are also caused by nasal allergies. This makes one be a mouth breather. Frequently blocked nasal passages may even lead to excess growth of the nose’s interior.

Finally, a crossbite can be as a result of the delayed loss of baby teeth. Some parents fail to remove their baby’s teeth to the extent that their permanent teeth come in after the baby teeth. This gives an awkward look of the second row of teeth.

Treatment for Crossbite

The first step involves expanding the jawbones. This gives your teeth adequate space to rotate into crooked bottom teethits original position. However, jaw bone expansion is only possible before the merging of the facial bones. This means once you realize the problem; address it within the shortest time possible in young kids. An expansion device is fitted to the roof of the patient’s mouth and broadened each night for a maximum of two months. The patient will then be required to wear the device for two months once the expander has reached maximum width. This is to allow for bone hardening into the right position. Alternatively, braces may be applied on the top of the bottom teeth. Braces will fill the gap which develops during or after expansion. You need to check the condition with your orthodontist to know the best treatment.

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