The history of different antique dental equipment

antique dental equipment

The development of different pieces of dental equipment evolved drastically as the years of innovation and technology took over dentistry. Maybe one of the main reasons why people are scared of going to the dentists is because the instruments that they use look unpleasant and painful to use. But if that is what you think about modern dental instruments and devices, you should have seen pieces of antique dental equipment long before these new tools were made. You will surely be thankful that your dentists are using the new ones than going back to using these old pieces of historic dentistry. For dentists who want to have the best equipment all the time without the hassle, buy the Cattani compressor online.


Antique dental equipment

The following are old pieces of dental equipment used in the past that made a lot of dental patients dread going for a checkup, much more a procedure. This may also be part of the reason why many people in the olden days have poor dental health because their fear limits them to present themselves for regular dental consultation.


If you are thinking of undergoing restorative procedures like getting dentures to replace missing teeth or straightening your teeth through orthodontic procedures in the early years, you will surely encounter this scary tool. Made of pointy metal bars and knots and bolts that make it look like a crown of thorns, this device makes it easy for the dentist to get the correct measurement and fit of your dental cavity. This ensures that the appliance he will use will be a perfect fit for your mouth.

Dental screw forceps

tooth extraction forcepsExtracting a tooth now is easier and less painful, compared to the early years of dentistry. The use of anesthesia and the right tool makes it efficient and safe for people to have their teeth removed by an experienced dentist. But before, even the best dentist in the area would use a dental screw forceps to yank out your tooth. This tool resembles the housing wrench that carpenters use, but instead of using it to build a house, it was used for (gulp!) tooth extraction.

Jaw brace

If you break your jaw due to a fall, a squabble, or an accident, wiring it shut will be the solution to promote recover and bone regrowth. This sounds scary enough now, right? But did you know that before, patients with broken jaws are treated using a jaw brace, that is a metal headgear which is attached near both sides of the ears? They look very difficult to wear as their components are placed in front of the face, so eating, speaking, and sleeping while using this device are very challenging indeed.

Cheek retractors

We still have cheek retractors used by dentists so they can visualize your dental cavity better. They are made of rubber or plastic so they are more comfortable for the patients to wear. However, dentists long ago have antique dental equipment like cheek retractors made of metal, making them very heavy and cold for the patient. Also, the hard metal can be too hard for your mouth and gums, so discomfort and sometimes pain and bleeding can be caused while using it.

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