dental implant materials

What are the dental implant materials?

Today, implantation is the perfect method of restoring lost teeth. Dental implant helps you to get back the same performance of your tooth completely, including the root, without involving the adjacent teeth. Consider the stages of tooth implantation, indications and different materials of implants.The dental implant is a metal pin implanted into the jaw, which holds the denture. This method of attachment is much more reliable than the usual method when the structure is attached to adjacent teeth. In addition, this method allows you to avoid turning the nearby teeth. Dental implants are also called intraosseous because they are implanted in the jaw bones

When can you make use of tooth implants?

  • With the loss of one or more teeth;
  • In the absence of several teeth in a row;
  • If there are no extreme teeth in the row;
  • If all teeth are missing;dental implant materials

For some people, this process is the most comfortable way to restore lost teeth, for others – the only possible one. Conventional dentures and bridges are not suitable for those who suffer from diseases of the oral mucosa, have weakly pronounced alveolar processes, and suffer from nausea while wearing conventional prostheses.

Dental implant materials

A dental implant is a multi-component construction. Consider what parts it consists of.
When prosthetics is performed, the first thing is a titanium pin which is a commonly used dental implant material and is inserted into the tooth bone – it replaces the root of the tooth. In fact, it is a metal rod or screw – the analog of a living tooth.

The abutment serves as a mediator between the implant and the crown of the tooth. This is the part of the whole structure that is seen above the gum. The system for fixing prostheses can be the screw when the crown is connected to the abutment with a screw, or it can be cement. In this case, the two parts are securely connected with the help of dental cement. Abutments made to order or use the factory. The material of the element is metal, plastic (temporary) or zirconium. The better and more durable the material, the more expensive it is.

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