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advanced dermatology and cosmetic surgery

Advanced dermatology and cosmetic surgery risks

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, or so they say. People nowadays lean more towards physical beauty as a big percentage of their attraction to a person. That is why clinics and beauty specialists who are experts in advanced dermatology and cosmetic surgery tend to market their services and procedures as necessities. But are you aware of the risks that you should be willing to take when planning to undergo these beauty procedures? For more information, you can read about cosmetic surgery at http:/

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antique dental equipment

The history of different antique dental equipment

The development of different pieces of dental equipment evolved drastically as the years of innovation and technology took over dentistry. Maybe one of the main reasons why people are scared of going to the dentists is because the instruments that they use look unpleasant and painful to use. But if that is what you think about modern dental instruments and devices, you should have seen pieces of antique dental equipment long before these new tools were made.

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dental hygiene examination

Dental hygiene examination: An underestimated profession?

As you searched on the internet about dental offices near you, like the one at, and in choosing the best one, you may have seen that most dental clinics and practices have dental staff that has a dental hygienist role. How are dental hygienists different from general dentists?

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is lasik covered by insurance

Is LASIK covered by insurance?

If you are having problems with your eyes and you want them to return back to their original function and performance, you may want to consider Lasik surgery. Let us answer questions about this surgery like ‘what is LASIK?’, ‘how does Lasik work?’ ‘how much does laser eye surgery cost at Melbourne’s Eye Laser Specialists?’, and ‘is Lasik covered by insurance?’

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