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is lasik covered by insurance

Is LASIK covered by insurance?

If you are having problems with your eyes and you want them to return back to their original function and performance, you may want to consider Lasik surgery. Let us answer questions about this surgery like ‘what is LASIK?’, ‘how does Lasik work?’ ‘how much does laser eye surgery cost at Melbourne’s Eye Laser Specialists?’, and ‘is Lasik covered by insurance?’

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general health insurance

How general health insurance coverage can benefit you

In a world where price hikes happen at least once a week, it is so hard to save money, much more spend them. However, there are good investments and acquisitions that we can do that may cost us more today but may benefit us in the future. A good example of this spending is a general health insurance coverage. Let us find out the importance of this investment and how it can help take care of your overall health.

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periodontitis and obesity

Periodontitis and Obesity: Is There a Link?

For many years, obesity has been associated with many serious health problems, like diabetes, cardiovascular (hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc.), musculoskeletal (arthritis, gout, brittle bones, etc.), and digestive diseases, and many more. But recent studies show a link between periodontitis and obesity. For more information about how periodontitis might be dangerous for your health, read more at How are these two related? Let us all find out.

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forehead flap nose reconstruction

Forehead Flap for Nose Reconstruction

The forehead flap nose reconstruction technique is performed when nasal wounds cannot easily be repaired using alternative methods. As such, flap reconstruction is typically the preferred option in cases where the nasal wound measures more than 15 millimeters across. Since wounds of this size generally occur following the surgical removal of malignant skin tumors, it’s relatively common for flap reconstruction to be performed following Mohs surgery. Visit this site at for more information.

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